Application of electric embroidery and woven label industry

2019/7/4 15:11:56
Application of electric embroidery and woven label industry

Application of electric


This type of hot melt adhesive film is an ideal environmentally friendly adhesive material. It is widely used in embroidery patch, arm-badge, logo bonding, cloth, fabric composites, etc. It is mostly used in clothing, luggage, logo, weaving, toy products and other fields.

Hot-melt adhesive film is a polymer material that is absolutely environmentally friendly, non-polluting and harmless to the human body. The hot-melt adhesive film is suitable for professional logo factories (embroidered and plastic). The hot melt adhesive film is solid at room temperature and is not sticky. After heating, the glue layer is melted to produce viscosity. After it is cured, the two materials can be firmly adhered. It is resistant to acid, alkali, water, dry cleaning, good tensile strength, strong adhesion, low melting point, and it is almost suitable for all kinds of Cloth (cotton, nylon, polyester, blended, etc.) is generally up to the processing standard. It is very convenient in processing operation, it only use electric iron or hot press can make it. For many years, the domestic electric embroidery industry has been in line with Europe and the United States, gradually Instead of low quality and rough seam LOGO (embroidery badge, embroidery chapter, embroidery chapter, epaulette, armband, and other rubber badge), this adhesive is the most sure adhesive film in the electro embroidery industry.

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