Hot melt film for 3C products

2019/7/5 9:25:49
Hot melt film for 3C products

Hot melt film for 3C pr


Hot melt film for mobile phone and digital products

This kind of plastic film is used for mobile phone and digital products. That is, metal,ABS plastic class adhesive, adhesive relay strong.

Low viscosity or non - viscosity at room temperature, high temperature melting of many materials with high adhesion, similar to structural adhesion. Different from liquid glue, do not need a large number of manual brush glue, can work in very warm working conditions, punching, strip, strip paper, with thermoplastic, with reversibility, in a certain temperature range can be repeatedly heated softening and cooling hardening.
Applicable range
Mobile phones and digital products such as the case fixed adhesive

Necessary operating conditions and specifications:

Temperature: 120-180 ℃
Pressure: 2-5 kg
Appearance: beige
Thickness: 0.05 -- 0.40 MM
Width: below 1500mm
Length: 100 yd

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