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New research and development


A new type of black hot melt adhesive tape with light, heat and heat resistance was developed.

Product:                          DS-5B


The hot melt adhesive is used in the encapsulation of contact smart card.Excellent adhesion performance to PVC, ABS, PC, FR-4 materials;In addition, 

the high heat in the manufacturing process of the carbon-based laser bar code causes damage to the chip module, which prevents the heat and avoids the module thermal necrosis.

This product belongs to modified large molecular weight structure black hot - melt adhesive tape.Strong cohesive force ensures that the thrust and bending tests after bonding will not occur structural fracture;

At the same time and chip and card to maintain a balanced bond strength.In line with ISO7816 standard for chip packaging fastness.


DS-5B is suitable for thermal packaging of IC cards, SIM cards, financial social security cards, and dual interface bank cards.


Polyamide synthesis modification